Career Guidance and Counselling

Pastoral Care in St Anne’s Secondary SchoolGuidance and Counselling is at the heart of our pastoral care in St Anne’s Secondary School. Our Guidance Counsellor plays a caring and supportive role in the school. Students can get advice and support on a range of issues including relationships, study skills, advice regarding family difficulties and information on college courses. The Guidance Counsellor is on hand to meet with students, one to one, in a confidential environment. The girls are supported throughout their time in St Anne’s. Counselling helps pupils explore their thoughts and feelings and the choices open to them. It gives care and support to pupils learning to cope with the many aspects of school life and with their individual life circumstances.

St Anne’s offers a comprehensive guidance and counselling service to all our students. The Guidance Counsellor liaises with Year Tutors, Class Teachers, Learning Support Teachers, Deputy Principal and Principal. She also has regular contact with parents, psychologists, employers, other guidance counsellors and colleges.

The role of the Guidance Counsellor falls into three areas:

  1. Educational guidance and counselling: the guidance counsellor helps with the transition from primary to secondary school and with helping with subject choice in 2nd and 5th year.
  2. Vocational guidance and counselling: the guidance counsellor works closely with students in TY, 5th and 6th year on career/college choices
  3. Social and personal guidance and counselling: the guidance counsellor is available to meet with any student to talk about an issue that might be affecting them

The Guidance Counsellor is available to meet with parents to discuss any concerns they may have in relation to their daughters.