Student Council

3.-Student-council-2015-16Our Student Council is a very active and important part of our school.  Everybody involved has a busy role to play.

The Chairperson calls monthly meetings.  They chair these meetings in a fair manner, ensuring that all have an equal say.  They liaise with school management on various issues arising from meetings.  The chairperson ensures that the student council is run efficiently and they prepare the agenda with the student council secretary.

The Secretary is also quite busy.  They not only help prepare the agenda, but they also take minutes of the meetings, type them up and give a copy to the principal.  The secretary reads the minutes of previous meetings and ensures that everyone is aware when meetings are being held.

The Treasurer manages any funds raised by the student council.  They keep financial records and keep money in a safe place.  They give a brief financial report at meetings and a complete financial report at the end of the year.

The Personal Relations Team keeps students informed about the activities of the student council and promotes good communications between the student council and students, teachers, school management and parents.

Role of student council

  • Listen to students
  • Represent students views
  • Help develop policy
  • Improve school atmosphere
  • Improve school conditions
  • Offer peer support
  • Improve learning environment

Fundraising Activities

  • Darkness into Light walk
  • School class walk
  • Cake sale
  • Non uniform days
  • Movie evening