Support for New Students

7.SupportWe set up a new mentoring programme in St Anne’s in 2013. This programme ensures that all first years have a senior student to help them integrate into life at second level.

Our mentors are carefully chosen, they fill out an application form, attend for interview and the successful candidates go to LIT Thurles to participate in a leadership training programme.

Our mentors meet the first years towards the end of May, where they do some ice-breaker activities and go on a tour of the school. They are the first people to meet them on their first day at secondary school. During their first few days the mentors help them settle in, they help fill out their new timetable, they do another tour of the school. They meet them regularly at their lockers and are there to answer any questions the new first years may have.


To date they have taken part in a variety of activities together:

  • Lake Muskry hike
  • Halloween cake sale
  • Breakfast morning
  • Beach trip
  • Christmas wreath making
  • Quizes
  • Excel movie trip